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Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze The Amnesia Haze strain of cannabis is the perfect blend of earthy flavors. Start your day with the taste of citrusy lemons and ...
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Blueberry Blueberry has been a very popular strain of marijuana for many years now. Although it is 20% sativa, it’s still a powerful indica that ...
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Fire og

The number one favorite for 2019 best cart is a pod vape cartridge that has a clean and powerful cannabis oil. The winner is the ...

Green Crack (fem)

Green Crack (fem) Although the name can be deceiving, the Green Crack strain is 100% pure marijuana. This hybrid was originally called Cush or Green ...
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Jack Herer

Jack Herer Jack Herer is a sativa dominant strain that provides a clear-headed, all around happy euphoria. It’s a named after and pays homage to the best-selling ...
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Master Kush

Master Kush Master Kush was created in a residential building in Amsterdam, Netherlands, a city world-famous for its love of marijuana. This almost pure indica ...
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